(12/20)  Celebrate this festive season with Ritz Murphy. As a gift for you and yours, Ritz is sharing his special rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". May it fill your hearts with warmth and cheer this oh so joyful time of year. Happy Holidays!
CLICK HERE to download your free MP3 of "Ritz Murphy's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" to add to your holiday playlist today.

(1/20)  Congratulations Ritz Murphy on the fast-moving 6 week climb the "Boytoy (Kenetix Dance Mix)" has made to #2 on both the Dance and Crossover Top 60 Charts. Bowing down only to "Ritmo" by the "Black Eyed Peas" at #1.
Starfleet Music Charts 1-16-20
▪️ Dance Top 60  TW 2 | LW 5
▪️ Crossover Top 60  TW 2 | LW 9

(11/19)  At the request of DJs, Producer Kenetix has taken Ritz Murphy's #1 hit "Boytoy" to a whole new level with an infusion of dance-heavy electronica. With "Boytoy's" playful lyrics added to this seductive groove, the "Kenetix Dance Mix" will keep the dance floor shaking.
"Boytoy (Kenetix Dance Mix)" is releasing on November 22nd, 2019, on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music.

(10/19)  Congratulations Ritz Murphy!!! After only 12 short weeks "Boytoy" has achieved the #1 spot on Starfleet Music Pool's Top 50 Indie Dance Chart. "Boytoy" is also ranking in the Top 5 on both the Crossover Top 60 & Urban/Hip Hop Top 50 charts.
Starfleet Music Charts 10-16-19
▪️ Indie Top 50  TW 1 | LW 2
▪️ Crossover Top 60  TW 5 | LW 14
▪️ Urban/Hip Hop Top 50  TW 2 | LW 7

(9/19)  The wait is over! Ritz Murphy's highly anticipated new album “Back in the Game” is available now on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music. "Back in the Game" features 8 new songs, including Ritz's smash hit "Boytoy".
"Back in the Game" has a unique structure, as the order of songs on the album follows the steps of a relationship. Maybe you can even discover what stage your relationship is in: are you being forced to be the bad guy as in "Supavillain" or did you simply blow it and now you really regret it as in "Broken"? Either way, you will want to get "Back in the Game."

(8/19)  Just a few days after its release, "Boytoy" hit the DJ/Dance charts with a giant smash! Coming in at the top of new releases, "Boytoy" was called a "hit" by 74% of DJ’s - the highest scoring launch in a long time. DJ’s and listeners around the world responded with excitement to the unique blend of "Boytoy’s" catchy groove and Ritz’s soulful singing. After just 4 weeks, "Boytoy" broke into the Top 50 Dance/Urban charts at #26, far ahead of other new releases.
With all the excitement generated by "Boytoy", Ritz is definitely “Back in the Game” - the title of his new album releasing on September 6th, 2019, on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music.

(7/19)  Ritz Murphy's New Single "Boytoy" is a HIT!!! With a number of rave reviews and more and more DJ's and Radio Stations adding it to their playlists daily, "Boytoy" is soon to be on the rise with a bullet.
Here's what's being said about "Boytoy"-
"Hot song & video that we are supporting, starfleetmusic.com. This WILL be a hit!" - DJ Captain Kirk
"An evolved R&B cut with a simple and unapologetic Pop center, everything about "Boytoy" has been buffed and polished to a lustrous shine." - Broken 8 Records
"Ritz Murphy clearly knows what works for him, he knows the way he wants to sound, and he rolls with it in a confident and expressive way." - Stereo Stickman

(6/19)  Ritz Murphy debuts the first single "Boytoy" on July 12th, 2019, off of his upcoming album "Back in the Game." "Boytoy" has an edgy, rhythmic beat that highlights Ritz's R&B roots and incredible vocal chops. With a danceable groove and a sing-along hook, "Boytoy" will appeal to pop audiences around the globe.
Ritz teamed with producer Tim "Krazyfigz" Walls on "Boytoy", which will be released on Bit-O-Ritz Music. The Official Music Video will premiere on YouTube July 12, 2019, along with the single release on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music.

(5/19)  Ritz Murphy is gearing up for the release of his New Album "Back In The Game". The first single "Boytoy" is already receiving rave reviews by industry professionals and is predicted to be #1. The upcoming release date for "Boytoy" and it's Official Music Video is soon to be announced.

(3/19)  Ritz Murphy just finished filming the Official Music Video for his New Hit Song "Boytoy" with Cinematographer Logen Christopher of Stormlight Pictures. This will be the first single release off Ritz's New Album "Back In The Game".

(1/19)  Happy New Year!!! Ritz Murphy's New Album "Back In The Game" is scheduled for worldwide release in Summer of 2019.
Back In The Game Track List:
1. You Got It  2. GOLD  3. She's Always On My Mind  4. Boytoy  5. Supavillain  6. Broken  7. Never Stop Loving U  8. Make Believe
"This is not just a collection of great songs. It's my personal story of love & loss, happiness & pain that I've experienced in my life. I just know that listeners will relate and feel that tug at the old heart strings." - Ritz Murphy

(12/18)  Ritz Murphy is currently in the studio recording vocals for his New Album "Back In The Game". This powerful album will showcase 7 new songs plus a fresh remake of a Ritz Murphy favorite.

(10/18)  Back by popular demand. L.A. based Hit Maker Kenetix has taken his role as an Executive Producer on Ritz Murphy's New Album. This talented writer/producer brought a tasty flavor to past Ritz Murphy hits "Make Believe", "Always Alone In Luv" and "Do You See Me". Now Kenetix platinum touch will drive Ritz Murphy listeners to a new level of musical ecstasy.

(9/18)  Ritz Murphy has just joined forces with Tim "Krazyfigz" Walls from KMG to produce 2 songs on his upcoming Album. Krazyfigz is well know for his work with such artists as "Akon", "Busta Rhymes" and "Young Jeezy" to name a few. This union between Ritz Murphy and Krazyfigz is destined for success and headed straight to the top of the charts.

(7/18)  Ritz Murphy has just signed with former Rare Blend manager Pam Browne from DME Entertainment Group. This exciting new venture will once again blast Ritz into the limelight with an album release scheduled for early 2019.